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Update from
The Beach Church!


Full Moon Fellowship. After taking July off, our next FMF will be next Tuesday, Aug. 1. Show up at 6:30 p.m. at Ron and Dale Hensley’s place at 1755 Ensenada Dos on Pensacola Beach. The full room will rise around later, and we’ll also get to see the sun set! Bring your own lawn chair/snacks/beverages. There will be a restroom on the ground level.

Hurricane insurance: We received our first hurricane insurance check of $69,000 from our Hurricane Sally claim. We have contracted with a roofer to start reroofing the three buildings. We will be getting two additional insurance checks later, which will cover the cost of all the upgrades.

Beach church house sale: The council voted last month to extend Linda Murphy’s agreement to be the lead Realtor in selling the house.

Other repairs: Terminex is repairing the damage from termites on the outside wall of the ladies restroom in the sanctuary. They are absorbing the entire cost of the repairs.

We also are working with Peaden to find the water leak under/near the sanctuary. They thought they had found it in front of the sanctuary doors, but when they dug down, the leak wasn’t there. We paused because of all the events we had – Houston Baptists, UWF camp, VBS – and are back trying to find the lead. The ECUA is looking into reducing some of the excess water bill.

We are planning several events in the fall as summer ends and schools resume. Look for information on that later.

Feel free to contact me or 850-525-7510 with any questions/ideas/thoughts. Our next council meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 15 at 5:30 p.m.


Yours in Christ,

Gordon Paulus


Attention all Church angels! Christmas in July to support the Navy Point Elementary School is wrapping up; we have one more Sunday to gather donations. At this point, monetary (cash, check, gift cards) would be most helpful to target any remaining priorities.

Thank you for your generosity thus far! Ho Ho Ho! 


Sunday best looks different on the beach!


Volunteers Needed!


Two vital community resources, the Interfaith Ministries Thrift Store and the Alfred Washburn Center, are both in need of volunteers on a regular basis. For more information and links to sign up, please see the "Serve With Us" section of our website by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage.



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Offerings of Corporate Securities are being accepted. Please contact Les Solymossy for more information/assistance.