Our Aspiration
The following was the introduction for the 1992-93 pictorial Directory of the Pensacola Beach Church. It’s a thoughtful statement of what we aspire to be.


“Not exaggerated piety, but prayerful humility.

Not dread and doom, but God’s love,

hope and grace in faithful confidence.

A center of love acted out in helping others, in forgiving, in

listening, in companionship.


A nourishing of the mind, through

Bible lessons and discussions and sermons.

A welcome place for meeting,

all ages gathering to become acquainted,

to learn, to enjoy, to celebrate, to receive gladness, to develop hope.


A healing place, where the troubling life challenges offer company

to heal grief, to consider answers, to grow in courage, to be

renewed in faith.

An encouraging place to grow in spirit, without human judgement,

at the rate natural to each person.


A place where you make private decisions about your frequency

of worship, your giving of time, talent, and treasure, and none

intrude without your permission.


This is the Beach Community Church,

a congregation of people

who have been welcomed from all denominations,

from all financial levels,

from all races and nations,

from all backgrounds of life.


It is a member of the United Church of Christ, a united and uniting

free fellowship of locally owned and independent (autonomous)

churches, which echo the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ,

that all may be one” (John 17:21).


May you, in the freedom of Christ, find your answers here.

Pastor Jack D. Forest, D.Min.”