Hi! I’m Julie Lajter, a Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Tai Chi for Health Instructor, Aquatics Instructor & Wellness consultant. 
Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with many age groups & ability levels giving a variety of fitness and wellness classes on land and in the water. I’m very passionate about working with beginners looking to improve their health (physical & mental) and help people create healthy practices for themselves. I work privately and in group settings. 
I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share a 4 week Intro to Yoga Workshop through The Beach Church
There has been an expressed interest in offering Yoga classes at the church and an Introduction to Yoga Series is a great place to start! 
This is for beginners and folks looking to explore and begin a yoga practice. 
Over the 4 week series, you will learn about the basic fundamentals of yoga, starting with the breath. Your breathing alone is the very first thing to tune into as you build your practice’s foundation. By tuning into your breathing, you will become more present in the moment, which leads to a deeper sense of calm & awareness. 
You will also discover how to strengthen your core by realigning your posture through mindfulness and breath/muscle engagement. 
You will learn common yoga terms and postures and see that yoga is a great way to destress, loosen up tension and find a renewed sense of balance. 
It has many health benefits, physical and mental. 
This is your chance to explore these benefits without any intimidation due to possible limitations. 
The workshop will be on Mondays starting May 10-May 31 at 9am-10am The fee is $65.00. 
Please sign up in advance! 
Contact me directly to sign up & if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 
Julie Lajter RYT-200